UGC NTA NET Syllabus 2023

UGC NTA NET Syllabus 2023 Details

UGC/NTA NET Paper Number of Question Marks
(Paper -1) Generic it will be intended to assess the teaching or research aptitude of the Candidate. 50 100
(Paper -2) Based on the subject selected by the candidate  and will assess domain college. 100 200
Total  150 300


UGC NTA NET Syllabus 2023

UGC /NTA Syllabus for Paper-I( 2023)

Unit -1 Teaching Aptitude

  • Teaching:- Concept ,Objectives, Levels of Teaching ,Characteristics and Basic Requirements.
  • Learner’s Characteristics :-  Characteristics of Adolescent and Adult Learners ,Individual Difference.
  • Factor affecting teaching related to Teacher, Learner ,support material ,Instructional Facilities ,Learning Environment, and Institution.
  • Method of teaching in institutions of higher learning .
  • Teaching Support System:- Traditional , ICT based and Modern
  • Evaluation System:- Elements and type of evaluation, Computer Based testing ,Evaluation in choice based credit system in higher Education ,Innovations in evaluation system.

UGC NTA NET Syllabus 2023 Research Aptitude

Unit-II  Research Aptitude

  • Research :- Meaning ,Characteristics and type ,Positivism ,and Postpositivistic approach to research.
  • Methods of Research :-Experimental ,historical ,Descriptive ,Qualitative ,and Quantitative Method ,Steps of Research.
  • Article and Thesis Writing:- Format and styles of referencing ,Application of ICT in research .Ethics Research.

Unit-III  Comprehension

  • A passage of Text is Given. Question are asked from the passage to be answered.

UGC NTA NET Syllabus 2023 Full Details

Unit-IV Communication

  • Communication:- Meaning Types and characteristics of Communication .
  • Effective Communication :- Non-Verbal and Verbal ,Inter cultural and group Communication ,Barriers to effective   communication ,Mass Media and Society.

Unit-V Mathematical Reasoning and Aptitude

  • Reasoning:- Number Series and Coding ,Letter Series ,Relationships.
  • Mathematical Aptitude:- Profit and Loss ,Average ,Time and Distance ,Ratio , Proportion , Percentage ,Fraction. ETC

Unit-VI Logical Reasoning

  • Understanding the Structure of Arguments.
  • Venn Diagram
  • Indian Logic


Unit-VII Data Interpretation

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data
  • Graphical Representation
  • Sources ,Acquisition and Classification of DATA
  • Mapping of data ,Data and Governance , Data Interpretation .

Unit-VIII Information and Communication Technology

  • ICT:- Abbreviation and terminology , Basic of the Internet ,E-MAIL ,Audio ,Video Conferencing ,Digital Initiatives in Higher Education.

UGC NTA NET Syllabus 2023 Subject wise

Unit-IX Development and Environment(People)

  • Human and environment interaction Anthropogenic activities and their impacts on the environment.
  • Development and Environment:- Millennium Development and Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Environment issues:- Air Pollution, Water Pollution ,Noise Pollution ,Socio Economic and Political Dimensions. Impacts of pollution on Human Health.
  • Natural and Energy resources :- Hydro ,Geothermal , Solar ,Wind ,Soil ,Biomass ,Nuclear ,Forests.
  • Natural Hazards and Disasters:- Environment Protection Act (1986)

UGC NTA NET Syllabus 2023 Higher Education System

Unit-X Higher Education System

  • Evolution of higher learning and research in post Independence India
  • Institutions of higher learning and education in ancient India
  • Professional , Technical ,Skill Based Education
  • Value Education and environmental Education
  • Oriental ,Conventional , Non- conventional learning  Programs in India
  • Governance and Policies , Administration


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